FAQ Page

How much is delivery?

UK delivery is £2.99, we have designed the single SwitchAssist packaging to go through the letterbox so there should be no going to the parcel shop to collect!  If you order the 3 pack, this won't fit through your letterbox, but hopefully they will arrive when you are in!

Will SwitchAssist fit on my light switch?

We've designed SwitchAssist to fit on any standard single UK rocker style light switch, it just needs to have a smooth surface for the suckers to suck onto!

Can I move SwitchAssist to other light switches in my house?

Yes!  Because SwitchAssist uses suckers to attach, it can simply be removed and moved to another switch.

Can I return SwitchAssist?

Yes, no problem, we will provide a full refund within 14 days of order date, return postage will be for you to pay, once received we will provide a full refund.  Just email support@Switch-Assist.co.uk with your order reference for return address details.

How long is Switch Assist?

Switch assist is 45cm so enables toddlers to use the light switch with ease!